Benefits of Decorative Concrete

The beauty of decorative concrete is that the variegated finish blends well with imperfections, so don’t think that just because your concrete floor has issues, you can’t stain it.
The cost of etched and decorative concrete floors varies widely. It has become an art form, so much of the cost is the time, skill and intricate detail put into it by the concrete etch artist. A lot of effort goes into one of these concrete floors, but the end result, if correctly done by a talented and professional artist, is every bit as stunning as a marble floor and will last just about forever.

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1-Easy to maintain – Nothing is easier. Just a quick sweep and a damp mop is all it takes, with a good waxing once a year to maintain the shine.
2-Health benefits – One of the best things about decorative concrete floors is it does not hold dust and allergens. It is the smart choice for people with allergies.
3-Green friendly – Since the floor is basically using the foundation that is already there, there is no wood to cut or carpet to produce.
4-Energy efficient – Concrete floors can actually reduce electricity bills since they stay cool in the summer and a few throw rugs can bring out their warmth in the winter.
5-Extremely tough – Invulnerable to tearing, gouging, mold, and water damage. A maintained decorative promises a long life and rarely needs replacement.
6-Produces a stunning finish – Whether you stain first or just seal plain concrete, the effect is a beautifully finished concrete floor that will bring you joy for many years.
7-Revitalizes lackluster surfaces – Combining beauty with functionality, concrete stain imparts a luxurious rich look and has become the preferred medium for revitalizing dull surfaces.
8-Unlimited options – Hundreds of colours, designs, patterns and textures for you to choose from.
9-Ultra durable and long lasting – Does not shatter like a tile if something heavy is dropped onto the floor.
10-Minimal disruption – Can be applied directly to new and old concrete and the work can be completed in a few days.
11-Cost efficient – Costs much less than you think.

About Decorative Concrete:

Thanks to new advances, concrete is quickly redefining its role in the concrete flooring marketplace. Today, stained concrete flooring can be made durable with applications applied in a wide variety of finishes and colours offering the home or property owner endless design possibilities. With new tools and practices, it can even acquire the look and feel of brick, slate, tile or cobblestone. Builders and property owners alike are now realizing that decorative concrete coatings can add value, flexibility, and appeal to their projects while allowing them to stay within budget.

Decorative concrete was usually limited to a mason scoring a flagstone-like design, or embedding sticks, leaves and even pressing coffee cans into the surface to produce a desired effect. Today, the leading edge of concrete is a process called Decorative Concrete Coatings or Concrete Overlays. This involves re-coating old, pitted, ugly grey concrete with a polymer modified cement material by either troweling, spraying, or stamping it with concrete imprinting mats or concrete stamping mats, copied from actual brick or stonework. When the application is done, the product is then coloured or acid stained and sealed, providing greater stain and weather resistance. The result is a floor that combines the beauty of masonry with the durability of concrete. There are over 40 different colours to choose from, ranging from natural earth tones to bright pastels. Pattern choices include slate, brick, cobblestone, tile, flagstone and more.

Anyone who has been to Montecasino, Disney World, Six Flags Amusement Parks, or Las Vegas, has probably walked all over those cobblestone streets, slate or brick sidewalks for hours on end, never realizing that it was actual concrete. Unfortunately, people on our continent are often the last to get access to these new advances in decorative concrete flooring. Decorative concrete can be tougher and more chemical resistant than ordinary concrete with a higher cement content, advanced reinforcement materials, surface hardeners and protective sealers.

The products we use are designed to restore and resurface structurally sound but surface deteriorated concrete surfaces, like floors, driveways and pool surrounds, both residential & commercial, and indoors & outdoors. These products turn regular grey concrete into the more aesthetically pleasing finishes that are resistant to wear and tear.

These finishes include the look and feel of natural stone, slate, tile, brick, marble and granite and can be varied to match or enhance any design or theme that you can imagine. With literally unlimited amounts of colours, textures, patterns and designs, your imagination is the only limitation. Ideal for installation on driveways, walkways, garages, residential & commercial pools, decks, interior flooring, auto dealerships, restaurants, concrete rock & water features etc.
With a range of polymer modified cementitious products to match your texture requirements, colour pigments like Raven, Ocean Slate, Deep Coffee and Burnt Orange to name but a few, concrete primers, concrete liquid release agents, antiquing and acid stains, water-based and solvent sealers, we can meet all of your Decorative Concrete requirements.

Decorative Concrete Options:

Restoration – restore pitted and deteriorated concrete by typically applying a 6mm thick layer over the entire surface. This can be applied as a thin trowel surface or a conventional broom finish texture. This layer can be thinned down to a feathered edge, depending on the need.
Exterior – thin stamped-overlay can create the natural look and feel of stone, brick, slate and tile. It can be laid upon any existing concrete surface and is ideal for driveways and patios. Splatter textures add an aesthetic coloured pattern and non-slip surface, which is perfect for pool decks and sidewalks.
Interior – smooth-overlay and acid staining are fast becoming the preferred finish for residential and commercial flooring, as they provide a custom finish and are suitable for high traffic.

Polymer Cement Overlays:

Polymer Cement Overlays consist of a proprietary blend of Portland Cements, various aggregates and proprietary hybrid polymer resins. The purpose of adding the hybrid polymer resin is to increase the performance characteristics and versatility of conventional cements, mortars and concrete materials.
Unlike conventional cement and concrete, polymer cement overlays can be applied from as thin as a single grain of sand up to several inches thick without fear of delamination or failure. In addition, polymer cement overlays are more resistant to damage from salt, petrochemical, ultraviolet, harsh weather conditions and foot traffic.
Polymer Cement Overlays were introduced over twenty years ago, originally used as a thin surface concrete restoration product. After years of successful, permanent applications, polymer cement overlays were introduced into the architectural and commercial flooring industry in the early 80′s, where it’s use has become an industry norm. Today polymer cement overlays are used for interior and exterior applications.

Additional Information:

* Thirty standard and premium colours to choose from, customising finishes to fit with any design scheme.
* Many variations of shape, colour, surface texture and patterns are available.
* Unmatched versatility ranging from indoors to outdoors and commercial to residential.
* The use of highlight stains creates a natural old-world look.
* All of the finishes are low maintenance and sealed to protect against oil, grease and dirt.
* Finish is functional & long lasting and 100% resistant to UV, which prevents colours from fading.
* The slip resistant surface has been time-tested on hundreds of different applications.
* The finishes are safe from freezing and thawing.
* It is economical since the finish lasts a very long time and does not need continuous repairs.
* The applications can be installed at any time during construction or renovation.